Best Best Bunk Beds Ltd is a company fast becoming the leader in the provision of industrial bunk beds for the contract market: hotels, hostels, MoD, activity centres, prisons and IRC. Our ability to adapt and provide high quality metal bunk beds tailored to our clients’ needs make us the best solution for your contract accommodation requirements.


Our main product range is a Morpheus bunk beds, providing extremely flexible approach to every customer's needs: from Single beds and Double bunks up to Detachable Double bunks, a Triple bunk and the Repose Triple bunk bed as a top-end of an industry.


All of Best Bunk Beds' main products are manufactured in the United Kingdom, using only the best quality British Steel and precision manufacturing methods such as laser cutting. We feel they are the strongest product on the market.


Accessory wise, our High Density Foam (Memory Foam) or contract Spring Unit based mattresses are all manufactured from the best quality contract materials, designed for comfort and intensive use. Best quality of contract fabrics used for mattress range allow mattress to breathe out but no bacteria, fluids etc. to penetrate through – plus on some models the cover can be removed and machine washed at 70 degrees.


You will also be pleased to hear that our steel products (metal bunk beds, metal lockers etc.) can be finished in a colour of your choice from 190 RAL colours which is the widest choice on the UK market.


Customers are invited to visit to our showroom to view the quality of our metal bunk beds.

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